Monday, April 12, 2010

Let us introduce ourselves

This is the Pelican Inn and we are the Taylor Family.

We've enjoyed many slow, relaxing summers on Pawleys Island, but none of us have seen the history that this building has known.

Our family is thrilled to continue the Pelican Inn's tradition of Southern hospitality in the "arrogantly shabby" way that makes Pawleys so special.

We would love to hear your favorite memories from the Inn and hear why it has been a special place to you and your family.

Check back often for updates regarding the Inn and Pawleys Island. We look forward to becoming acquainted!

Bruce, Corinne, Emma, Caroline & Kelly


  1. Hi, Kelly,
    I saw on Lachicotte's website that the Pelican is for sale: did y'all buy it? If you're going to run it in the marvelous 19th-century way it used to be run, that would be wonderful. My family have been coming to Pawley's Island since 1952. I wrote a feature on the Nine Old Houses of PI for Sandlapper magazine some years ago and got a tour of the Pelican then, when the Evanses (?) ran the place.
    Up late; working on a project. Got to surfing and reminiscing and found your blog. I can forward your link to the kinfolk network. Are you doing anything in particular to get ink? You're a fine writer.
    Best regards, and good luck with the good old Pelican! Gail Cooper

  2. Yes, we did purchase the Inn and are running it as the Evans did. It has been a longtime dream of my parents, Bruce and Corinne. We would love to let past guests know that it has reopened, since so many were saddened by its closing (including us, initially). Please do spread the good news--we'd certainly appreciate it!