Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A little more on what's in store

As summer nears we have received several inquiries regarding availability and our plans for the Inn.  We are running it as a bed and breakfast, and aim to continue the charming, hospitable tradition of the Pelican Inn that so many families, including our own, fell in love with many years ago. We do have availability a few weeks this summer and would love to accommodate you—just send us a note: pawleyspelican@gmail.com.

Updated (5/26): currently, our first availabilities are in August

The Taylor family will constitute the staff, including my two younger sisters, Emma and Caroline, who couldn’t dream of a better summer job. Breakfast and midday dinner will be served each day to our guests. Corinne (Mama Taylor) may be modest about the simple Southern cooking we will serve--she told the Coastal Observer it was “nothing special”--but we in her family look forward to her cooking every day. She even spent several months meticulously perfecting her biscuit recipe in preparation for running the Inn’s kitchen, and we were lucky enough to be her guinea pigs.

We’d love to hear from past guests of the Pelican, as well as new friends. Please email us with any feedback or questions.

Looking forward to meeting you!

-The Taylor Family